Lauren, a seasoned contestant of the horse riding event, holds tightly onto her saddle as the horse tries to buck her off at the Keystone State Gay Rodeo in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Ray Dolezal, aged 91, and Eleanor Englehart, aged 99, sit on their thrones after being crowned King and Queen of the 39th annual Vintage Venture Senior Citizen Prom at Kent Roosevelt High School.

Adam Romanik​​​​​​​ throws his lasso at a calf during an event at the Keystone State Gay Rodeo in Harrisburg.

Hunter DeAndrew poses for a portrait at Akron Skatepark.

Rylee Kulick rubs noses with her dad while waiting for the Akron Marathon to start on Saturday, September 29th. Rylee was born premature and was chosen as an Akron Children's Hospital Hero to represent the hospital at the marathon and to cheer on and encourage racers.

Two hikers descend a mountain in Anchorage, Alaska. ​​​​​​​

Lt. Travis Strausser relaxes after a call on Friday, April 20th, 2018. "We have a lot of downtime. More than you'd think. Our shifts are 24 hours long." Travis said.

The first runner up of the Keystone State Gay Rodeo Association's royalty pageant, Shirley D'Vine, poses for a portrait prior to the opening ceremony at the Keystone State Gay Rodeo in Harrisburg.

Curtis Rhoden crashes his dirtbike on the street in front of his house in Akron during his 21st birthday celebration on Saturday, September 2nd. ​​​​​​​

Fred and Ned Michell pose for a portrait at the 42nd annual Twins Day Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio.

Dixie Surewood performs at the Blue Moon Bar in Lawrenceville Pittsburgh at the bar's annual New Years Eve show.

Jacob Strauss waits for the 1st AD to yell "action" on the set of Jacob's short film "In The Midst of". The film follows the wake of a racially charged assault of a Jewish man, and the effects racial violence has on a community.

Ed Wiles conducts the Cuyahoga Valley Concert Band during their Moon Landing Anniversary Concert.

Michael Rupe listens at the witness stand in Judge Beck Doherty's courtroom. He was Sentenced to 16 months in prison for allegedly stealing the car he crashed into the Ravenna branch of the Hometown Bank.

Sean Garrow lies on the ground after an exhausting day. Sean lost his leg after being run over by a truck that was towing a boat. Surgeons had to create a skin graft in order to close a wound after the accident outside of his work place in July 2017.

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